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´╗┐Canberra Casino Could Get Approval To Install Poker Machines

Australia's capital Canberra has a ban on poker machines but Chief Minister Andrew Barr lately confirmed that he is willing to revisit gambling laws and make the essential adjustments that would permit poker machines to be installed at the well-known Canberra Casino.
Aquis Enjoyment, a mutli-billion dollar firm that is based mostly in Hong Kong are the new owners of the Canberra casino and the company has proposed to make a $330 million investment into re-creating the Canberra resort and turning it into a key tourist destination in Canberra.
The new owners have strategies to entirely adjust the image of the Canberra casino by turning it into a modern day resort and enjoyment center, with a greater gaming area and setting up much better dining and purchasing amenities. The Hong Kong based company will also adopt a advertising technique focusing on VIP gamblers from Mainland China who are known for spending big sums of funds at the casinos.
Aquis Enjoyment estimates that the revamped casino could carry in as a lot of as 750,000 new site visitors to Canberra which would outcome in a substantial amount of income for Canberra. The casino is anticipated to create shut to $60 million in added tax income along with the creation of 400 jobs during the revamp approach. Given that the casino will develop a whole lot of income for Canberra, Aquis Entertainment has indicated that it would be great for the government to make a adjust to its gambling policies and enable them to set up poker machines at the casino.
Chief Minister Andrew Barr acknowledged that Aquis had submitted an unsolicited proposal and stated that his government would look into the matter. In a statement, Barr stated

It is a important issue that will need to have to be worked through. That's why I'm not creating an announcement one particular way or an additional these days. How to Find a Good System For Sports Betting and Win Big Canberra is increasing up our city is shifting and our economic climate is a lot larger. There's no adjust in government policy at this point but nor am I signalling a blanket 'no, we will not even take into account what has been place forward.
The method of amending current gambling laws and then implementing new ones in Canberra will certainly take a whole lot of time. Aquis which took in excess of the Canberra casino in December 2014, expects the Canberra casino task improve to be completed by 2017 and has ideas to open the casino in early 2018.

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